Praise be to Allah, for I have savely moved out from IIUM. It was muscle-aching and dead tiring- moving the furnitures especially... and of course screwing the DIY things.. That's the drawback of not having an andro homo sapien to help out I guess.. And I did the climbing activities as well, to hang the curtain. But Instead of buying the RM100 expensive steel ladder, I just bought an RM10 plastic stool huuu.

Everything done in 2 days..but the result?? Myalgia, arthralgia just name them. But currently I am in UIA to spend the night hehe. First thing because the bad internet connection in UIA is actually far better than the Celcom broadband.. at least I can still skype with abang here, though at times we just have to bear with repeated sudden disconnection.

Another thing is I really want my family to come and spend a night or 2 in the house.. but I guess I can't expect too much when I'm married.. sort of have to be a little independent, I'm not a little kid anymore.. with Ummi busy being a contractor (a bit of renovation work going on in our house, and she's busy supervising the indonesian workers perhaps??!!) but yup I'm brooding over it..

Dikala bersedih ni, teringat kat abang.. but the time difference becomes the limitation. And I'm trying hard to wake him up and chat with me.. sungguh tak patut! He had never woken me up before just because he needs me huu, well maybe that's the hard fact he has to bear with- an inconsiderate wife haha. So I tried another strategy- by making the Secret Recipe owner richer by few ringgits- while I sinfully consumed hundreds of Black Forest calories, hoping it would induce the secretion of happy neurotransmitters- guess it's not working anyway.

Now the final week of Orthopaedic finally arrives!!!! Am I glad that A&E posting has finished!!! But it means a thick compilation of notes to be emergently digested, ahh I am not very keen in doing that...thinking of going back AGAIN!??


abu 'iffah said...

salam, kak. saya guna celcom broadband jugak. awal2 dulu memang slow sangat, tapi nurul tak puas hati, terus tepon celcom. celcom cakap, nak bagi laju, pergi kat manage device, choose device, edit. then, choose 3G only, jangan choose 3G preferred.

Then, sejak hari tu, laju je sampai sekarang.

abu 'iffah said...

tapi kadang2 tertukar sendiri kepada 3G preferred. Kalau tiba2 slow, just cek balik kat manage device tu. so far, line celcom broadband ni very satisfying.