Ameer Faheem at 7 months

Not in the mood to blog. In the mood to go back. Just can't believe that tomorrow is thursday! Ahhh 3 months away from home are enough to make me miss it like mad. Busy doing some house cleaning, oh well we are going back for 2 joyful months insyaAllah. goodbye Jordan and all its contents hehe.

Ameer Faheem turns 7 the day after next, oh how our Faheem has grown much! He is super active, making mommy super duper tired. I'm transforming into a mommy-tarzan I guess which makes Ameer Faheem a tarzan and abang a daddy-tarzan! His head is always full of ideas, naughty ones too!!! I can't leave him for few seconds without him doing something. And currently he keeps trying to stand without support! haisyy anakku berdiri pun senget benget goyang2 lagi dah sebok nak lepas tangan, sabar je lah. First he will stand up by holding on to a table, bag or any available things. Once he has stood, he will put up his hand (as if in a surrender condition) and flashes me a cheeky smile. Lepas tu jatuh tergolek. Adoi. Well that reminds me of my cute piyah. Dah lama pandai berdiri, dah stabil sgt pun tp still hati2 tak berani lepas tangan. Careful and extra careful. Oh I forgot, a girl is definitely different from a boy :D

There was another day when we bought nasi for iftar. Abang put them on the table and then went into the kitchen. Suddenly I heard the sound of rustling plastics, (as usual) rushed to the lounge and said "Faheem!!", ahh there he was, standing besides the table, holding on to the plastic, busy trying to reach for the content while wearing an innocent face that says, "Ah, what have you got for me today?" Dush. Rasa nak cubit je budak comel ni

Faheem is a big boy and I can't wait to go back home (where almost all his belongings are kept) and start his education. I brought few of his books to jordan, and I'm tired of repeating the same story to him again and again- jungle book, toy story, and lion king :( Well one day I'm going to write on his education plan, but as abang has told me time and again, Faheem is our guinea pig huhu, we didin't have any experience educating a child before. But of course not an experiment without an extensive research prior insyaAllah :)

My friends has started working. i didn't knew that it would hit me this hard, but at times I feel like crying when I read their placement hospitals in the facebook. I am kind of sad but being far away from abang AGAIN is just unimaginable. It feels like you are missing the train.... huuu. And at times I just don't feel like playing with Ameer Faheem during the mood swings. I guess I need time to adjust. Thanks abang for handling the emotion roller coaster :D

Balik cuti memang banyak plan
1. G jalan TAR dgn abang, nak beli kain
2. Nak jahit curtain, baju raya abang, faheem and me
3. Nak belajar dengan mak cara jahit kemeja and of course make a pair for abang and faheem
4. Nak selesaikan segala bayaran online shopping and happily wait for the goods to arrive hehe
5. COD booster seat Ameer Faheem
5. Apply for part time job???
6. Convocation
7. Asma's and Amin's wedding
8. Attend weddingssssss :D
9. Ziarah newborn baby
10. Continue Ameer faheem's & mommy's checkup in KD Kg Subang
11. Endless......


Farahdina said...

For a 7 months old baby, standing while holding something is an advance, berdiri lepas tangan, super duper advance...Tahniah Ameer Faheem Al Waseem.

Ummu Ameer said...

tq mommy fara :D i pray that aqeef afwan will grow up healthily too!