My study experience (2)

I had waited for almost a year before I finally stopped planning for pregnancy. Married without a baby is not that fun I guess. Well then if you still remember I had quite a severe homesickness, thus this pathological mind of mine decided that if I can't have my family in Kuantan, why don't I start my own family haha. Absurd~ But is the timing correct? I was about to enter final year, man, with the terrifying final professional exam coming and the husband living very far away. Believe me, insyaAllah with Allah's help and guidance, final pro is not that terrifying :)

I wanted to prove that a pregnant lady can do just as much (if not more) as other people. in O&G, after the morning sickness has reduced much3 in intensity, I worked really hard. I handled more than 5 deliveries (the requirement was 5 only), I attended more than 10 oncalls, I stayed in the hospital for 2 days straight doing back to back calls just like what I did in 3rd year (when I was not even married!), I seriously filled up my logbook by performing many HVS (haha gile ke ape ni?). If I could do it, then why can't anybody else? I was pregnant, my husband was not around, and I was practically on my own.

Well I don't want to deny that I received many negative comments. People (nurses, MOs etc) asked me, "Kenapa nak pregnant sekarang? Kenapa tak tunggu lepas grad", "Kesian awak ni, dahla tengah belajar, kalau bersalin takde cuti" and MANY MORE, but I just smiled. But of course, silently I answered, "This is my life and I decide". Truthfully I was the one yang nak sangat3 nak baby haha, abang cukup risau because he said he wouldn't be around to take care of us. Simultaneously I also received positive comments. There was one time, a visiting lecturer (a specialist from another hospital), came to give us few lectures. We had a ward round with him. After the round had finished, I hung out with a friend in the ward, discussing something I guess. Suddenly he (the specialist) came to us and excitedly asked "Bila due? sebelum exam ke selepas exam" I was of course surprised. I said "4 months before our final pro" and he continued "Wife saya dulu pun macamni! Lepastu dia tangguh HO sebab nak jaga baby" His wife is now a head department somewhere. I just smiled :)

I have to admit, pregnancy is tiring (at least to me). I slept earlier than usual, I couldn't do anything much in the hospital, many times I had to sit during bedside teachings but what's wrong with that? Because i preferred to sit much, I took this chance to strengthen my theory, finish making notes, and I carried my notes everywhere, so that I can read it whenever I have the chance. As had been said earlier, I like to comparmentalize. Thus I divided the 6 weeks for Obs and gynae. 3 for Obs and 3 for Gynae. The final 1 week was for revision. Obs for example, i allocated about 1 week to study about antenatal care which was further comparmentalized into trimesters (which includes hyperem, PPROM, PROM, APH, untried scar etc). Then about 1 week for medical diseases in pregnancy, and finally 1 week on labour & postpartum- the normal process and pathology. Well i guess that's the bulk of Obs :)

Important thing is, always list down all the topics in a posting, then once you have an overview of what you have to learn, zoom into each topic, study in depth. insyaAllah you won't get lost.

I don't have specific time to study, but i do have a list of topics which i have to cover each day. Utamakan study, and urusan lain will fit in. For example if I have 5 topics to read today, during lunch time I finish a topic, sementara tunggu lecturer datang seminar, habis lagi 1 topic, usually takde kelas in the evening you can finish 2 or 3 topics and by the time you get home, you have only 1 or 2 topics left to be read. So pandai2 la budget, sempat la nak tengok drama sekejap ke (we -Hazwani and me- watched the 7-8pm drama melayu everyday hehe).

I admit, there are times when you just feel too lazy to sit down and read. I study anywhere. tak payah properly sit kat study table pun boleh study. kalau dah sehabis malas, I switch off the bedroom light, lie on my bed, open my laptop and read seminar slides sampai la tertidur. ni serious slalu buat macamni hehe.

To be continued...

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