Bermalas malasan ;p

3 days ago, I cooked this. When we were about to enjoy the meal, I snapped some pic. Abang asked why. I said I had a story to tell. Lepastu abang asyik tanya je, kenapa takde pun tulis kat blog pasal cerita nasi tu haha.

I'm the lazy type when it comes to cooking. Moreover our cute tiny fridge is FULL with cakes! I'm getting ready for Faheem's birthday. Thus we don't have any space to put fish and chicken and such. I'm the one who has to shop for them say every alternate days? Haih. Disebabkan malas sgt, on Sunday I went to Irbid Mall with Faheem. I bought some fish fillets. They usually sell in a pack of 3 fillets. Bila balik je, terus masak. Disebabkan malas sgt, I decided to bake ALL THREE haha. So I prepared a simple dish. The recipe:

1 fresh lime juice
1 tbs mayonnaise
1 tbsp onion (I have this habit of grinding all my onions and store them in the fridge. Sebab malas nak kupas selalu)
1tsp black pepper
1 tnsp butter

I mixed together all the ingredients and stirred them. Then I put the fillets in 3 separate aluminium foils (easy for storage). Finally I pour the mixture onto the fillet, and baked them 180 degree celcius for 1 hour.

Lepastu konon2 nak bagi nampak best sikit, I made black pepper sauce with mushroom for abang. Recipe simple sgt3 tp sedap, and it kinda taste like the KFC mashed potato gravy. First tumis bawang, lepastu letak oyster sauce and kicap manis, black pepper, butter and potato. Kuantiti ikut suka. Boil lama2 sikit. Bila potato dah agak lembik, take them out blend them. Put half of them back into the gravy and use the other half for making mashed potato. Kalau resipi yg sebenarnya the potato should be boiled in a different pot, so that it won't taste like oyster and kicap. And then when making mashed potato, we should add salt and milk and black pepper to them. Tapi sebab malas jugak, masuk je semua sekali harung haha.

Guess what? We ate the fish on Sunday, onday and Tuesday! Abang tak kesah pun :D But I added sambal jawa (pedal + potato + suun) on Monday and on Tuesday (which is today), I made baked macaroni and cheese. Nampakla macam rajin sikit hehe. Yg sebenarnya I am really tired baking 7 carrot cakes today!

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