Berhampiran hadhanah..

Alhamdulillah. For 2 days we searched and surveyed a good hadhanah (nursery) for faheem, and we have agreed on a decision. InsyaAllah tomorrow will be Faheem's first day at school. In Jordan, a nursery is called hadhanah. A tabika is called bustan. A kindergarten/ tadika is called raudhah.

Hadhanah My Baby. It was recommended by one of our neighbours who also send their twins there. We tried to find a hadhanah which offers a learning programme for him, but it was not available. It's understandable, because we are not living in a big city (Amman), and thus have to deal with the lack of opportunity at hand. I guess I have to feel enough with that, again reminded of my main aim in sending him there- to socialize. perhaps I can improve his short quality time at home with my own educational programme insyaAllah :)

They offered to send a bus to fetch him as early as 7am tomorrow morning, but abang and me feel it is more appropriate for us to send him ourselves on the first day, to settle some fees, making some necessary arrangements with regard to his mealtime and just watch how thing goes. Adapting isn't always easy huh? I don't know about Faheem as he does enjoy company :). When we went there today, he appeared happy to find kids around his age.. to play with (and probably to quarrel with later on haha. Budak2 suka gaduh)

I am still a fulltime housewife. The decision to send him to a hadhanah isn't revolving around the issue of unable to take care of him, but the need for him to socialize. Well, if you look at how bored he is at home without any friend, then you'll be surprised that a kid as young as him can actually feel bored! Macam org tua, seriously.

Now that Faheem is about to experience his first day of school, I do feel old.....

Speaking about other things, I think I am super busy now haha. Planning for faheem's 1st birthday party, and handling my cake business hahaha (an even louder laugh). yes I've been selling cakes for quite some time. takdelah business apa pun, buat kek ikut mood and jual. itupun kompem tak hantar kek sebiji lengkap, sebab ada abang and faheem tukang cukai kat rumah huu. ada jugk org tempah. kalau buat kek tak jadi, selalu kawan2 abang yg habiskan haha. i take this opportunity to bake different types of cakes and to improve my baking skills. i experiment with various techniques of cake baking, and if you ask me if i am serious to open a bakery one day, the answer is definitely yes :)

i realize that for a wife to be successful, strong support from the husband is very much needed. Alhamdulillah Allah gives me a husband who supports me to achieve my dream no matter what. If only abang refuses to send my cakes to the shop after a tiring day in the hospital, refuses to bring me to town and spend many hours (we actually braved the rain, walking for many kilometres) searching for my baking needs (tools and such), refuses to buy baking ingredients everytime he come home from the mosque, refuses to finish my fail cakes or give it to his friends rather than throwng them into the bin (i used to throw away the fail cakes but abang insisted to eat them and even had to heat in the microwave to make them edible haha. sometimes when he had enough, he give them to his friends, luckily they are not the picky type huehue), refuses to taste and comment, refuses to motivate and 'push' me to bake when i'm lazy and refuses to get involved in anything... i am sure i won't have the strength to move on... Alhamdulillah for every bounty from Allah... and thank you abang for being a great support to me.. :)

yesterday our rice cooker broke down. guess it's its time... so i am burdened with another thing...which is to cook the rice on the stove :( i'm definitely not good at it, selalu je hangit... abang kata itulah cabaran utk seorng mummy haihhh. yg sebenarnya i don't usually cook our meal (very true, i don't really like cooking, i love baking), we buy from the many warungs almost everyday huuu T_T guess i have another cncrete reason to buy from the warungs after this? ;p

today i received an email from abah, sending us their (abah & ummi's) flight itinerary to Jordan, on their way to mecca! I am so excited, that I wrote down the details and timeline on abang's whiteboard! We really can't wait to have them here!!

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