Trying to be the best mummy and daddy for Ameer Faheem

I'm about to bake the 5th (FIFTH) cake of the day phewwww, but I take a break while the 4th cake is being baked. Letih. Letih badan baking all day. Letih otak fikirkan tentang faheem. Heh ngadenye lah.

Abang and me fetched faheem at his school at around 11.30am this morning. When we arrived there he was in a bouncer! Tergelak tengok dia dalam bouncer, kepala nak terkeluar, kaki terjulur keluar. he was too big for that!!! ;p I don't know whose bouncer was that but I think they had a hardtime putting him to sleep. Faheem usually sleeps from 11am to 3pm at home. Obviously he can't sleep in the nursery as they were too many attractions. When we arrived home, I checked his bag. Guess what? Along with his things, I put his lunchbox. I put a piece of chocolate cake, a muffin, a piece of bread with cheese and a packet of biscuit. All were gone except for the biscuit. I'm sure he ate them all because he was too full to even drink his milk. Semalam terfikir nak bekalkan nasi and ayam. But I cancelled the plan because I was afraid his caregiver doesn't know how to feed him his rice. Agaknya kalau letak sekali, dengan nasi2 habis. Anakku, anakku....

Abang has arranged with the school for him to be sent back at 10.30am daily. That is such a great relief for mummy! The problem that comes with the decision to send him to nursery is.. atuk is very worried of his safety and that he can't fend for himself. Mummy and daddy are worried too, but we are also worried that faheem's growth and personality will somewhat be affected by the lack of proper physical activites and social interactions in his early days. I have to regretfully admit, that I many a times dread over the lack of playgrounds, parks or any place that we (mummy and faheem) can frequent.

I was bored too when I first came here. it was like I couldn't do anything to wind down. I had nowhere to go, or even when I had a place to go it was just impossible for us to go without abang. We had to take the bus, and I had to handle faheem and his heavy stroller, and I just end up panting and puffing, eager to be back home. Things did improve MUCH when I started baking and selling cakes. Because i do something that I really love. But of course that is not the case with Ameer Faheem. He is getting even more bored when I bake haha.

Faheem is a hyperactive kid. Mind you, hyperactive is not a diagnosis as in ADHD. He needs a larger dose of physical activity to flow out his energy, and definitely a suitable place to do so. Home is of course not always the best place, as he ends up acting like an 'engineer'....repairing almost anything. When he is bored with nothing much to do, let me tell you what he does. he doesn't only pull off plugs, he.. pull off the socket from the wall as well. He unscrew his bed. And many other things which I think kids at his age don't do. Eh boleh ke kalau nak kata anak sendiri genius hahahah. Haihh ada anak genius sgt ni pun mencabar kesabaran hehe.

When we saw how happy he was to walk on the street, or to meet people, that was when we decided to send him to a nursery. But of course a grand dad's worry is a valid one, and we have to think over it again and again... abang kata istikharah dulu....

We are definitely trying to be the best mummy and daddy for Ameer Faheem al Waseem!

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