Faheem dah setahun..

Today is 21st Jan, approaching 22nd. I've promised myself to concentrate on my study after Faheem's birthday. Well I have to fulfill it.

Faheem is 1 year old + 2 days hehe. Ceria mummy and daddy bila Faheem ceria, alhamdulillah :) Last night abang arranged Faheem's birthday presents in the lounge and closed the door. This morning when he woke up, I opened the door. When he saw the gifts, he RAN towards them, feeling very happy. oh yes he chose the gift one after another :) 2 balls, sweaters and pants, foods and toys. But we give him few only which are suitable for his age. Among them is a GIANT sized lego :) Of course he never feels tired to try putting them in his mouth.

Today faheem discovered that there are many cakes in the kitchen. Mummy stacked them on the gas. Guess what he did all day long? he kept returning to the kitchen to get a 'pinch' of cake from time to time! comel betul hehe. kek tu dah berlubang sebab faheem korek haihh.

Have I mentioned before that faheem can say his name? But he can't pronounce the letter H so instead of FaHeem, it becomes Faiiim (sounds like Fine with the letter M instead of N). As for numbers, he only remember Five because whenever I start counting (usually when I am preparing his milk, I count the scoops loudly), I say "One" he will shout "Five". Hahaha macam2 la budak ni. He calls abang Dede instead of Daddy. Mummy? Takde harapan lagi nampaknya..

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