Hadhonah Day 2

Today is the second day faheem goes to the hadhonah. When he go out as early as 7, i feel sad. It's kind of lonely without him. The bus arrived at our house at 3.15pm yesterday! That was too late, as it was near his bedtime. I've decided to fetch him myself at 11 today. Mummy takde kerja, inilah... sibuk nak ambil anak balik sekolah huhuu.. Abang has promised to discuss the matter again with the headmistress, asking whether it is possible to send him back at 11, and whether it is possible to send him alternate days. That is a great relief for me. If not, then we are thinking of moving him to another hadhanah which is nearer to our house and to which i can just walk to send and fetch him everyday.

Faheem cried again this morning when he sat in the van, realizing that abang was not coming with him. I prohibited myself from waving goodbye to him as I knew I would break down too. People say a kid will adjust. And I hope the crying episode will last for few days only. Going to school is supposed to be a fun thing for him, but I don't think it is going that way as for now.. we'll see... we'll see...

I have like 2.5 hours before I go out to fetch him, so I better hurry in finishing my job. Bye for now!

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Farah said...

Kak Maryam jangan risau, the crying episode memang ada, tapi it will be better by days.Aqeef every monday mesti menangis yg disusuli dgn mommy pun menangis tapi itu sebenarnya pelajaran juga untuk kita sebagai ibu.Anak2 bakal pejuang :)