february 2012

It's already February, how time flies. I'm bracing myself for perhaps the toughest time since I graduated 8 months ago (uish lamanya dah berkarat ilmu :()- and that time would be.... abang's preparation period for his final exam. He won't b around much (busy studying with his friends) and leave poor me and Faheem at home to enjoy each other's company huuu.

Now I'm thinking of expanding my baking business seriously- creating a blog to advertise the cakes, taking orders and such. I'm also busy sewing btw, abang terkasima tengok isteri dia gigih jait tgn hahaha. Hopefully I'll get my sewing machine soon huu, hopefully... ameen. Aku jahit apa? Haruslah jahit baju sendiri haha. Abang asks me to sew something for him (since faheem has got a hand-sewn backpack), but i'm not in the mood yet. Well if you can imagine, abang drowning himself in his sea of notes (which I just can't imagine the purpose of doing that. a note at a time is more than adequate i guess haha), while i busy myself besides him making my coats and blouses and skirts haha. From time to time he throws an inquisitive glance towards me who is measuring my own body and trying them on in front of the mirror to make alterations. If I am in the mood, then I'll open my text book and study with him. Studying without any clinical experience isn't really fun. Oh yes I wish (for every single day) that I can put on my whitecoat and join em ward rounds huuu, but I don't want to be far from abang again..

If you ask me whether I think of going back to malaysia, oh yeah for every fraction of second! Abang has no objection to that, but I am afraid that once I start working, I can't apply for a long leave, which i absolutely need :( nak ikut abang g jalan this july huhuu.

Speaking of faheem, we have stopped sending him to school (his schooling days lasted for a month only haha), considering atuk's worry. Faheem ni kan, suka sgt buat perangai sekarang ni haih. Suka tantrum bila tak dapat barang. Tantrum bila org tak teman dia main (for example when abang is out, I prefer to sit on the bed, surfing the net. Faheem in contrast wants to play in the lounge), his 'knack' symptom makin menjadi2 sekarang ni (only today we found a missing electric socket on the wall in our bedroom!). Most of the times I really don't know how to handle this exceptionally genius lad huuu, oh really..... (will continue later. the lil boss is crying)

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Farah said...

Hope Kak Maryam will get a sewing machine asap.Dekat sini banyak jual sewing machine yg no brand tapi ringkas macam saya tu, tapi nak post ke Jordan pulak mahal kot.
Faheem & Aqeef dah masuk stage bossy kot hehe, Aqeef sekarang nak orang dengar cakap dia je, dia nak main kat lounge, kita kena ikut pulak.Kalau tak mulalah menjerit2