A hopeless wife's hope

kek yg ditempah hari ni...

I'm trying to busy myself studying, when fact is i can't even concentrate properly huuu. I'm tired baking (plus shopping for necessities, sending the cakes to the warung etc) but at least those things make my day fruitful. If I were to be asked, what do I want the most right now- it's going home.. going back to Malaysia.

Kenapa nak balik sgt3 ni? I don't intend to hide the truth- my days are super miserable when abang isn't around :( No matter how extensively I tire myself baking and such~ Oh human can never feel enough, do you happen to know that? I do. Abang g mana? abang sibuk study la of course :) I want to work, work and work. The thing is I don't know the purpose of our existence in Jordan when abang isn't around much to enjoy it haihhh~ Mode: merindui abang sgt3 and abang, pleasssseeeeee bagi isteri abang balik kerja heh heh

Oh how I hope I can sleep now and wake up after abang's graduation and then we can have a long nice holiday together!!!

Last night I dreamt of ummi and abah, that they have arrived in jordan. How wonderful! Bila terbangun....alaaaaaa mimpi je? :(

Faheem? adorable as always Alhamdulillah. Resembling mummy more and more. Emotional and such. Hobby dia cari makanan kat dapur (korek fridge and cabinet). Call Daddy 'Athiq' instead of 'Daddy'. Mummy tak jemu2 amalkan ayat untuk bagi faheem kuat ingatan, saranan dari auntie farah ;p Ayat sanuqriuka fala tansaa.. moga faheem membesar jadi anak soleh, bijak, dan membela Islam! InsyaAllah

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