Invitation card is next

Yesterday, I make the invitation list, and A'thiq chipped in those he would like to invite..especially his lecturers in matriculation. I have surveyed the invitation card. And I found a really cheap card at Only 0.25c per piece if I order 1000 pc. So RM250 in total. That is extra cheap. It is such a waste to spend my money on expensive card because they are going to be thrown away by everybody anyway. I'll upload the picture when the cards are ready

And again A'thiq didn't make a fuss out of it. I asked him how much does he expect for the card price.. and he said RM2.50. Such a naive man hehe (sorry a'thiq) bancruptcy will definitely be my titile if i order 1000 piece of invitation card at RM2.50 per piece!!! He said he liked them.. so another thing settled. Alhamdulillah, for easing my job.. :)

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