A lethal dose of P-S-Y

Written during Dr H****’s class on Mental State Examination….

I’ll be needing the asylum in no time. Rapport between me and Psychiatry is strictly prohibited from existing in the universe: a fact that I have realized since the first time me and Psy was destined to meet when I was in 1st year MBBS. After 2 years, I am sure nothing changes much

The only thing that is helping me to go through this unbearable 2 weeks of Psy posting is A’thiq’s absence huhu which significantly implies that nothing exciting awaits me after class. You know, when he was around, I finished my lecture time planning on the best way to spend the days haha. Nowadays, I guess I am not laid with many choices- definitely I am trapped and stuck in such a pitiful time frame of Psy posting, trying hard to appear interested and smiling all the way through Psy tortures, while my mind is actually actively reminiscing the wonderful days that I had naughtily spent with Abang gee.

“Maryam, what did the Dr has just said?” a mate who is sitting next to me in the lecture hall, asks –oopss- with a sleepy face. Haha I am unquestioningly not alone in combating the yawns and droopy eyelids. That fact is a bit soothing actually haha. 

“Oops sorry I didn’t get it” of course Iforgot to catch anything- how very lame and not surprising at all.

“Maryam, amy ngantuk”

I just flashed my sheepish silly smile. Psy is just not my stuff. Well to be truthful I am writing this in the class, undoubtedly I have to apologize to Dr as I am sure he mistaken this vigorous writing exhibit, with my enthusiasm in copying down every single words of his lecture. I am deeply sorry… 

“Understand? Please ask. If u don’t understand, u will not be interested. Ur mind will wonder away” arghh those lines send a pang of guilt which truthfully was not guilt but rather… “O Allah help my brain to function though slowly..Ameen”

Yes sir, my mind has actually arrived at wondering what was the actual colour of the bird? Are there 2 birds or a bird on the page? Umm I don’t remember..

“What is normal perception? You had this lecture in 1st year. Do you still remember that you had this lecture?” the Dr asked

“Yyesss… yes, I do remember”

“Good at least you know that you had the lecture”

I guess that was how lame everybody were huhuu.

Me (silently): Correct interpretation of a stimulus… ??

“You are hearing voices aren’t you?” It was a general statement. Uhh I am sure none of us are schizophrenics..

“You, do you hear voices?” he was aiming at Awis. Awis nodded, “Your voice,” he answered while pointing his finger to the lecturer. Ahh at least I now I know that I am not hallucinating nor illusioning, or worst- schizophrenic because I was hearing voices as well. The Dr’s voices undoubtedly hehe.

Probaly I should stop now before I further stain my blog with my abnormal mental state..

P/s just to inform: A’thiq has joined me in this blog gee :p Abu Ameer, welcome!

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