A day before A'thiq's departure

Yesterday was indeed a blessed day when our whole family united for the first time! Umar's homecoming was indeed a joyful occasion. Umar for the first time met his two abang ipar haha. So instead of the usual five, there were 7 of us! plus abah and ummi, that makes us 9 in total!! 

Next was bowling game in Sunway Pyramid until nearly 2am aghh although I was dead tired and could even sleep in the bowling centre! (please understand that I have never even once hold the bowlng ball with my own fingers throughout my life)

This is our big family :)

The tok penghulu: Abah =p

Umar who has just came back from France 1 day before A'thiq departed for Jordan

Asma', Me, A'thiq and Umar. How I miss Abang's smile!!! 

Haa kakak and abang apidzs diskas pe tu??

yasir, abang apidzs, kakak and ummi

Yasir aka ABU (Anak Bawah Umur) displaying his ABUness I guess??..........

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