Strictly for A'thiq

The irony of my blogging activity is- the one who encourages me to continue writing the most is definitely A'thiq. What's so ironic about that? Because he was with me almost 24hrs in a day! But I guess his return to Jordan justifies and clarifies this matter gee. 

Again the only purpose of this entry is as a reminder for both me and Abu Ameer in years to come, nothing worthy to be read. He married me at 56kg, and promise to increase that figure haha. I married him at 45, and now afraid of the rapidly elevating number. People said I looked cengkung after marriage but I guess it was because of the fever (ke penat jaga abang? haha). And in no time people will start wondering whether I am pregnant by the appearance of my oedematous puffy faces and hands. The bad thing about it is, they aren't 3rd spaces fluid loss but fat deposition instead.

One important message for my own self is, I should watch out intensely for the extra kilos. If I retain 4kg with each pregnancy, that sums up to 12kgs after 3 gravida, plus the 'happy' kilos (which merely means excessive food consumption due to blissful life), I don't want to retire at around 65kg! Umar's chocs from France aren't supportive in anyway- that is so pathetic.

So jogging for me from now on. Perhaps a visit to Taman Bandar for few minutes everyday won't hurt that much. Arghhhh

A stern yet loving reminder for A'thiq (accompanied with a wink and an acidic sweet smile) "Abang, make sure your kilos keeps increasing! haha"

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