Semoga lebih tabah dalam mengharungi hidup

Whoa it's hard to update these days but please don't get me wrong because it's not the honeymoon thingies. It seems like a group of some kind of Strep just can't leave us alone, and accomplish their mission of making our lives miserable with tonsilitis and fever. A'thiq? Haha we are enjoying the activity of sharing things including the Strep, so despite the fact that we are residing for the time being at the beach, not even once our skin touched the salt water. How much more romantic can a honeymnoon be with nausea and vomiting as well as febrile temperature? Ooops not to forget the romantic sound of cough and blocked nose. Huu I guess everything is soooo 'romantic' :p

And currently enjoying packets after packets of jeruk in between durian, I personally think we enjoy the vicious cycle of melantak durian until our temperatures spike up and then sleep it off, followed by eating jeruk to wipe off the nauseous feeling, and melantak durian again when are about to feel healthy. -sigh- the fact that I have to humbly accept: A'thiq is sooo obsessed with durian, and as I'm trying to be a good wife, I have this conscience that the best thing I should do is to eat the durian with him (trying to hide the truth that I am also a hantu durian :p). We are actually hiding durians in the fridge of our room despite the hotel rule that durians are strictly not allowed

Now is 21:21, Thursday. Athiq has just returned from the mosque and suddenly after a hot bath, (plus a whole day of sleeping under thick blankets) I have this urge of updating this blog. Obviously I didn't attend the class this morning. Again it's not the honeymoon thingies but rather the infection because yesterday I had my second cycle of antibiotic- now it's the augmentin after a cycle of bacampicillin. 

People are asking me "Err do you think it's... you know" and my eyeballs almost pop out of the sockets, "Ehemm ehemm I guess I have such an accelerated zygote implantation, villous & placental formation and hCG production within 1 week which trigger the hyperemesis gravidarum" or in a more conventional way "I am married for just one week, obviously it's not pregnancy" huuu huuuu and huhuuuuuuu. Don't try to scare me and make me jump out my skin in extreme surprise. Ooopss I think I make A'thiq pregnant as well- becuase he vomits obviously more than me.

Another week before A'thiq departs for Jordan, and I resume my 'I am single' status, I definitely am going to miss the millions of seconds that I spend with him. A'thiq is such a superb husband and I sincerely should apologize to him for making his life hard these few days.. really I am going to miss his presence but that's life. Another 2 years of medical school for me geee. I am going to do my best, Chaiyokk to myself and to Abang!!

Just like A'thiq has always told me, "Semoga lebih tabah dalam mnegharungi hidup"

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azizul said...

yuhuu....semoga lebih tabah dalam mengharungi hidup...