Fuhhh I am FINALLY back!!!

Well I guess the quite-many coming posts aren't very suitable for public reading, obviously not in the manner of unsuitability which many people might think but rather they are going to be (gimme few seconds to think of an appropriate adjective).... an acidic insult to the brain which MIGHT induce some degree of necrotic changes in the cortex, or in more obvious words- they are going to be plain flat useless huhu. Never mind, that's what I do anyway- I enjoy doing useless thing. Don't put a harsh blame on me later for not exhibiting a perfect warning because this is what the first paragraph all about- DON'T CONTINUE READING. Why bother to write then? Ahaa because I am a blogger :p 

A long (yet short) 3 weeks for me and A'thiq I guess after our nikah. A short holiday of 1 week between 3rd and 4th year followed by 2 weeks of 'nauseating' Forensic practically because we got tonsillitis and fever and flu (and we even went to screen for H1N1 status in HTAA one morning at around 1am haha because the URTI just got worse after 3 antibiotic prescription), finally A'thiq returned to his orginal place- Jordan undoubtedly :p

A'thiq I am sure couldn't disagree with me if I say we have gone through soo many things. Probably 'many' for a newly wed couple. And we kept saying that everything happened for reasons- I am sure to strengthen both of us for the separation that was yet to come. (Gee he flew to Jordan this morning!). Improper honeymoon when we were entertained with lectures on death and crimes, a lovely visit to the mortuary (which I happily skipped), and the worst part was the vomiting as well as clinic & hospital visits PLUS the various drugs that we joyfully consumed, reminding each other to take antibiotic whoaaa everything was sadfully wonderful :D And yup! no swimming and beaches for us haha. 

I don't have the slightest intention to induce the occurrence of jealousy in the pure heart of anybody, but yes I have to admit, being married is wonderful hahahaha and hahaha. Despite the downsides of our condition, it was still very wonderful, well cuci mata everyday looking at my handsome husband (owh to those who feel that A'thiq is not handsome -uhuk- please don't feel offended k becuase I personally think he is handsome p/s if wife tak puji, sape lagi nak puji aeh?? :p), someone to turn to when you wake up in the middle of the night crying out of being terrorized by nightmares, and of course in my special case- someone whom I could make a report to on missing things e.g socks, handphones, antibiotic etc, and feeling good about it because I knew it would be entertained. Btw, A'thiq has an excellent reputation of finding my things 100% so far hehe how extremely amazing.

I guess I should stop for a while, to be continued later :)

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