A reminder for today :)

I guess this will be my 1st quiet weekend after almost 2 months of hectic life. As intelligent as a schizophrenic I might be, I still manage to make a simple plan for the weekend which probably won't stray much further from sleeping activity. I am sincerely surprised with myself for not planning a trip back to KL. Well settling down in Kuantan is equally important in my own conscience, though all my 3 roomates have fled to KL (that is so unjustifiable) for a happening weekend in their hometown probably. The fact that Umar, Asma & Yasir have bought tickets to watch Harry Potter tonight (and I with a low profile rejected the offer to watch it with them) isn't encouraging my Kuantan stay in anyway. The only ego defense mechanism I had was to make a plan to watch it with A'thiq when he comes home (another hapless mechanism haha)

I lived like a nomad when A'thiq was around, going back and forth KL-Alor Star, and in Kuantan to & fro between Beserah and Indera Mahkota. It was exhausting really, but adventurous as well, especially when you are clinging on to your significant other almost 24 hours a day :p Now I deeply believe this tiny cubicle of mine desperately needs my delicate touch to make it appear just like what it is- a cubicle! Gahh I can't recall when was the last time spring-cleaning was carried out here.

Somebody have just smsed me my O&G marks & ranking. Well, nothing extravaganza by the way, except that I passed my MCQ. How lame does that sound? Pretty pathetic :p

As for the pic, I grabbed it from Wani's facebook (yela orang takde kamera kan, tumpang kamera org lain la haha) It was taken when we attended the dinner finale -err jamuan perpisahan ke??- for the Group C posting of Year 3 MBBS!! Thanks to the organizer and thanks to Wani for the photo :D )

A reminder for today:

Hold on to the Quran, Hold it strong.

Grip the contents of the Quran, Grip them hard. 

Grab the understanding of Quran, Grab them clear.

Work hard to be a better muslim & muslimah :)


admin@10thbatch said...

anaman pun ade jugak..kacau jek..haha

Ummu Ameer said...

takpela bg chance kat anaman dpt motivation utk kawen jugak haha kidding :)

FirJah said...

salam maryam & athiq..
tahniah ye.. sorry tak dapat datang majlis..
kak jah senior athiq di UIA dulu.. sempat la knal dgn athiq & athiq pun pernh sampai ke kg kak jah suatu ketika dulu...
izinkan akak link blog ni yer...
kalian di mana sekarang?? jempulah jalan2 ke trg ni..
salam ukhuwah fillah