4 weeks?

Been busy completing my job application form, and will insyaAllah finish everything by friday :) I haven't changed my mind which means I do not intend to start working earlier than next June. I am still tolerating pigmented sputum despite the finished antibiotic which signals another clinic visit is due. And 4 weeks left before we have to depart to Jordan again??? Man , that fast T_T...

Have I ever mentioned that Ameer Faheem has 2 new teeth since a month ago?? Yup, he bites people (read: mommy) nowadays. Probably I need to make a tag for him which says, "Beware of this boy. He bites!"

Abang works hard these days [ahaksss]. He comes back late everyday, and oh I miss him every single day T_T. Kan best kalau abang dapat evening off setiap hari ^_^, g hospital separuh hari je heh. Too true, I am a rambling jobless wife who can't possibly wait patiently for the husband to return home everyday huhuuuu, while letting the little boy do whatever that he wants.. He likes to play with pots and pans! Mummy tgh tidur pun dia g dapur sorang2 untuk bermain dengan periuk belanga nenek aduh. He is seriously busy! Have u ever heard of the saying that goes . "Kids are the busiest people in the world" Even a prime minister can't beat them you know...

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