Abang has started doing his elective a week ago. Faheem and me? We are down with fever, cough, stuffy nose, flu and sore throat. Faheem's first URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) ever. Sewing project doesn't go well for sure with the rising temperature.

I have to reluctantly admit, I am jealous of abang. I'm screaming inside to follow him to the hospital huuu, which makes me think for the umpteenth time to start my housemanship asap, but I know when he depart for Jordan, I'll scream out loud to get on the plane with him huhu. Now i'm trying to figure out what do I miss actually? Being shouted at by the seniors or the tiring life which is capable of turning one into zombie anytime. Huuu I am insane.

Faheem turns 8 in a week time insyaAllah. Now I haven't elaborated him for quite some time. He started cruising a month ago, and he could crawl since only a week ago. He can sit on his own. He enjoys eating almost anything including cendol, milo ais etc. He sure smiles a lot. Sekarang comot banyak hingus. He loves nenek's kitchen. and... he disturbs almost anything which at times makes mommy mad huuu.

Semua org (abang's family) ckp faheem super duper active just like daddy when he was small aiyaaa. Seriously mommy boleh pengsan jaga faheem alone huu. Alhamdulillah abang has been playing his superman role to control the condition and mommy-cooler to prevent mommy from exploding huhuuu.

Faheem at times can be so cunning, and at times can be rebellious. He loves attention and does so many things to get it. 1 thing I do know, his emotion is developing well alhamdulillah :) Dia suka menangis suara halus which is almost inaudible and sit alone as if he is sulking. oh maybe he is haha. He still sleeps alone and I do miss him which prompts me to make occasional visits to his cot throughout the night just to stare at the cute and serene face. Faheem.... faheem... :)

I think most of my friends who were pregnant or delivered around my first pregnancy are currently pregnant again or waiting to deliver for the second time... which makes me think of having a second baby. Ok I admit I want a girl. But If I do get pregnant and blessed with a boy who is just as active as faheem, mungkin akan pengsan kepenatan haha.

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