Perlu pergi facial walaupun makan Set Kulit Cantik Shaklee?

Well  it is not a secret anymore (haha) that I consume Shaklee Skin Set (Set Kulit Cantik Shaklee).

My routines are:
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
GLA Complex

Yesterday I promised in my Facebook, to share experience going to 2 facial centres  ;p
But now, why do I need to go for facial when I have all the vitamins I need??

Because I am  a firm believer of inner and outer beauty; that beauty should be tackled two-ways.  
From inner --> providing skin with all the vitamins that it needs to thrive and glow
From  outer--> using good skincare range, a good routine of cleansing and applying day/night creams, and of course facial treatments in between (if it is feasible ;p)

I first came to try facial treatment when I was intrigued by a friend's review of her experience in a facial spa, doing facial laser. I messaged her personally and when she said it was good for real, I didn't waste anytime to ask my partner-in-crime to pay a visit to the spa. Hehe.

It was in Sungei Wang. Porbably Abang's first time going to Sungei Wang. It was my playground though once upon a time huu. I have forgotten how wonderfully cheap things in Sungei Wang are! I ended buying blouses and pants for me, Faheem, Safiyya and Usamah hahaha. They costed me RM5 per piece, I wouldn't miss such cheap bargain :)

It was a very small centre with 5 beds in small cubicles. The cubicles were separated with curtains. There was a small room at the end of the cubicles, I requested for that. I am a fully dressed muslimah, I don't feel comfortable sitting in a curtained cubicle. The spa was owned by a couple, probably in their 50s. They were so warm, friendly and humble. I immediately felt at home :)

I took a package of 6 sessions which costed RM750 (promotion price). It was quite cheap considering the treatment include laser treatment.

As it was my first time having facial treatment, I couldn't comment much on how good it was. I went back with softer skin and reduced pigmentation on the sides of nose. However because it was just days before Raya, she didn't want to extract much of whitehead and blackhead, so as to avoid a raw red face during Raya :p

I planned for the second session after Raya. Minimum is 3 weeks after the first session. But then I came a cross a Groupon advertisement- a facial laser package which costed around RM1K but offered at RM28! I didn't lose anytime to grab the offer.

So 2 days ago, Abang and me went for my trial session, and this time around it was in Boulevard, Midvalley. It was on Wednesday, it was at 2pm and I was so glad to board the train during office hour. Spare the hassle hehe.

Of course the spa was much more exclusive than the first one. The girl (workers) wore uniform and I just couldn't wait to get started...

Stay tune for a wonderful sharing about a wonderful experience in the spa..:) 

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