when a wife is happy, the husband will definitely feels happy too (II)

Ni memang merapu meraban tahap extreme super saiya. Waktu tulis tajuk tu tadi, nak cerita benda lain. Tapi dah melalut sangat, tercerita benda lain. Pastu terpaska buat entry lain dengan tajuk sama, tapi siri 2. Kah kah kah

Nak cerita sebenarnya hari tu ada kawan ni tulis kat blog dia pasal a facial treatment that she had. It sounded so don't-ever-go-to-any-facial-if-you-don't-try-this. Sebab senang sangat terpengaruh, terus rasa nak pergi. As usual, I asked my big boss (who is not that big physically heh heh). Abang kata ok, so he drove me to Sungei Wang. And seperti biasa abang did all the talking, tanya orang kedai tu about the package, promo and such. Senyumlah isteri di hari tu sebab dapat buat facial.

Few days after that, the wife was attracted to another facial promotion. This time around in midvalley. This time around tanya big boss lagi, big boss kata ok. So we went to Midvalley. Memang best! Terus tanya abang whether I can enroll in their package. abang said yes, Alhamdulillah

When we went to Midvalley 2 weeks ago, I managed to 'visit' Tiamo, a korean shoe store. Before Raya, I went to Alamanda and spotted few pair of Tiamo's heels which I really want to own. However I didnt want to buy becuase I already had 2 pair of new shoes. But I work hard, and my shoes wont last for more than 2 months in average. Semua koyak. I dont mind having few extra pairs :) Setelah lama menahan nafsu, I am determined to own them this Thursday, when we go for my 2nd facial insyaAllah. Terpaksa kerja keras buat locum semata2 nak beli kasut Tiamo haha

When I was doing facial, the lady repeatedly (like thousand times) telling me how lucky I am to have a husband who is such a nice gentleman. I just smiled. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I look at abang in his deep sleep and tell this to myself "If 1 day Allah takes him back, that will be the greatest test for you!" and I just feel like crying...

I dont find any harm if a husband treats his wife nicely. Because the wife will definitely treat him back nicely when she is happy :) I think marriage is about appreciating each other!

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