Keyboard with missing letters

Do you have any idea how hard it is to blog when you have to think of all the hassle plugging in the laptop, searching for cable to connect to phone modem, fighting with your son for the keyboard...and on top of that you own a keyboard with many letters missing haihh.. thus the reason of my infrequent blogging activity past 2-3 years :p

Finally, yesterday, abang helped me to set up a workplace, where the laptop will always be plugged in with my printer at the side, connected to a wifi phone modem and a nice wide white table for abang and me to use together :) A cosy red carpet to accompany, a well behaved Ameer Faheem who understands mommy and daddy are working-at-home-mom-and-dad (on top of being doctors during office hour), plus... a keyboard with missing letters. Haha that one can't be avoided unless we buy a new one ;)

All set up, I am pretty sure i'll be blogging daily, now that i have 3 blogs to run, a fast growing online business, and priceless health and beauty tips to share!

I'll be sharing about Shaklee Collagen Powder- why every women should experience it, and why they should own them now in September 2014!

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