Rubbish again hehe

Alhamdulillah I have just changed the blog layout! In view of my new azam which is to always be cheerful :p (berjaya ke tak ni ntahla), I chose a bright pink birdy huhu; among other essential activities which i have persoanlly outlined (hahaha) including getting complete meal 3 times a day (since too many people are urging me to put on weight, and which make me feel unimaginably confused since people go on diet before their marriage and not put on weight!!! uhuuh now I am more convinced that the world has turned totaly upside down...)

I'm trying to be fast with these few entries. i wanted to write on so many things which had happened in the last few days.. so the usual invalid reason- no time huu. 

First thing, we had episiotomy workshop yesterday sponsored by B Braun. And i felt so happy when Dr Azha said my suture was excellent huu (perasan betul la haha) and Dr Suhaiza said it was suitable for facial plastic surgery (bertambah lagi perasan haha)

Second thing I conducted the 3rd delivery few days ago, at the high risk labour room.. and i was being cruelly lectured (i mean i deserved it, but still it was done in a very frightening manner) . I was scolded right from the start.. all the way til i finished. Rasa nak menangis tu adela, but when the houseman said it was normal even for them, terubatla jugak hati huu. 

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