27th May 2007 Obstetric Analgesia- My group's seminar!

Allow me to begin by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH esp to my seminar mates- Hana, Izzati, Wani, Farhah (Paah), and of course to Prof Ariff and the staff nurse and kakak2 MLT (hehe tak ingat nama la). 

It was indeed an experience, for me, worth to be remembered forever :) And it was really nice working with you guys!! Walaupun everything pun last minute hehe~ isn't that very normal for a medical student? (huuuu)

Monitoring Station: Paah ngan Jetul kat Station Paah. Eleh jetul tu saje je sibuk2 dekat2 ngan paah hehe

Patient-Controlled Analgesia: I guess Hana is happy being the key-holder of that machine hehe

Epidural Analgesia Station: Izzati was the one manning the station. Tersenyum gembira dia hehe

Spinal Analgesia Station: Wani is busy with the spinal procedure

Resuscitation Station: My station but obviously it was not me in the pic. Err mimi I think

The activities are going on

I forgot one important pic!! Of Prof Ariff and Nurses huuu. They helped us a lot during the preparation period. All in all I was happy with the mini exhibition, Alhamdulillah :) Though I think after the second group my vocal cord screamed for some justice -haisyy-


bdak surgery said...

waa.. gempak la smnr korg!!! congrats

zAituL aZrA said...

gambar jetul pn ade?
hehee~~ :)

Robin said...

Hehe best kan? kan?
Niza pun suka jalan2 cari ilmu cemni..Heh :D

Ummu Ameer said...

errr gempak??? biase biase je.. :)
hehe jetul suka la tu :p
niza, maryam pun suka jalan2 camtu tp td tak dpt jln2 pulak.. tersekat kat station 5 je hehe