Ummi and Michael Jackson

Once Ummi told me she liked the song by Michael Jackson entitled "One Day In Your Life". It was Michael Jackson in his younger years, and his voice was still so youngish. An old song, probably it was very famous in Ummi's time. So as usual she asked Yasir to search for that song and download into her phone. Currently (for quite some time) she uses the song as her ringtone.

I was curious why does she like that song so much- and of course I searched for the lyric. I listen to songs depending on the lyrics. Some songs are good to boost your motivation, some are beneficial in making you feel insaf etc. But of course if it is useless, it IS useless. Don't torture your eardrums and cochlea unnecessarily.

When I inspected the lyric for the first time, I cruelly told her "I hate this song!". Why? Because the lyric is picturing someone who has been left behind and yet that person is very forgiving- ever ready to accept back the person who has left her, should 1 day he/she realizes her mistake. Ummi just smiled. I guess she is such a forgiving person.. Mothers always are!!!

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