May this be my last post


My dear readers, 

Allow me to begin writing this last post with an apology. Sorry for any inappropriate words, issues, or articles which may have delivered uneasiness or anger into your pure heart. Sorry for any wrongwritings which may have left ugly scars (or even keloid) in your soul. Sorry for any comment reply which you think only created hatred. Sorry for laying out such personal stories which had mercilessly thrown away your time into a waste. Sorry for the negativism that had been stuffed continuously thus creating a nauseating ambience in this page. Basically, i am sorry for everything.

Once you are a blogger, you always are. That is what I always believe. I have been blogging for years (this is not my first blog by the way). My first was a friendster blog, but even the friendster account doesn't even exist anymore. Currently I am using my second friendster account. I guess I have the tendency to create and delete accounts huhuu. They are all free!. I can't remember how many blogs I have created so far. To delete this blog is undeniably not an easy decision to be made. I cried over it the whole weekend. Probably I'll just make it a private one~ Why do I have to?? I don't know (of course I know perfectly the reason behind it huhu)

At last, I succumb to the wifey disease~ it's terminal, and it's malignant. marriage is approaching and yet I don't even know what will happen. Semua takdir Allah kan? Manalah tahu ajalku yang tiba dulu ke.. ajal my fiance tiba dulu ke.. jodoh tu Allah yg dah atur right? And I can't say dialah jodohku until we become husband and wife by syariat definition. But despite all  that, preparations have to be made. Material preparation is of course not as important as knowledge and practise. Currently freaked out about the isteri solehah thing (which I am sure I clearly fail). I have to burn the midnight oil and study extra hard to at least get a pass to be a 'bolehla' wife (not even an 'ok' wife, then don't dream of being a 'superb' wife) sigh sigh and sigh~

Next in the to-be-deleted list are

1. facebook

2. friendster

but hey Me is still Me. I haven't changed a bit :) And to the sisters, I will always be available for you!

Do do and do pray for me, for my marriage, for me to be an isteri solehah and anak solehah, for me to be a good muslimah and mujahidah, for me to be a succesful Doctor, for me to be calon penghuni syurga. With that, thank you and Assalamualaikum :)

p/s perhaps when i become a wife, i'll try to persuade my husband into blog writing.. and perhaps (just perhaps) once in a while I could tumpang sekaki? hehe. just perhaps..


zAituL aZrA said...

ala mryam dh nk tinggal dunia blogging ker? sdehnye nnt da xleh bc tulisan mryam..huk2..

ad. Lucidus said...

Boss-dude, NOOOooooOOOO~!!!