Allow me to put a fullstop for a while

I guess this would be my last post for the time being.. uhuh I've been surfing the net and blogging for 1 whole day! (and yet I have - let's see approximately 1 full container of stories to write) in between glances at Novak's Gynae Textbook on things (probably) related to pelvic mass or pain or abnormal bleeding (huu I truly should hold up high the white flag this time around) because insyaAllah my coming week officially starts in a few minutes huhuuuu~ doing extra on-call tonight, and my official on-call tomorrow morning till 4.30pm- the vampire will be off the leash again (I have no problem being a vampire if I could be as graceful as Alice Cullen haha). If my performance is good this week, then maybe I won't hesitate to treat myself to a weekend at home! (while trying to wipe off the vague memory that I've been booked for a programme huu~)

Ok, that's it for now. Whoever is reading this, don't forget to pray the best for me~ 

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