Rare cases and a CAMERA

Alhamdulillah I have presented the ovarian teratoma case to Dr Azha this morning :D And today I managed to observe quite a number of cases in the operation theatre.

There are just soo many things to tell within such a short time huu. I'm having a headache but it DEFINITELY has to go away (because if it doesn't then I'm going to pretend its disappearance huhu) as I am determined to go to the ward tonight.

Early this morning I started my day by visiting my patient (an 8 year old girl with ovarian teratoma), and one couldn't be more true if they say I was dead anxious to present the case huu. But to my expectation the patient was far more anxious and frightened than me. She is still very young, and the idea of undergoing an operation was very unacceptable to her! So I sat beside her bed, talked nonsensely (my expertise haha) to her. Her mum planted the idea that she was going for a photography session, then I said she would even sleep during the session, and would only wake up after the 'photography' session had ended. A thin (normal la kan) and small sized girl, she gave me the permission to do the inspection on her abdomen. And I made a fuss and excitedly asking her whether she had got a baby inside hahaha. She looked exactly like a pregnant women in probably 6 months of pregnancy!! Sungguh comel hehe- a mini mum! But of course the real truth threatens to be ugly as malignancy (cancer) couldn't be ruled out huu (how much luckier I am not to be tested with such thing~ entahkan aku mampu bersabar dengan keimanan yang tipis ini). Itu cerita dalam ward

This morning I was appointed (unofficially of course) by the surgeon (Dr Anita) to be the camerawoman in the operation theatre, using her camera. Ovarian teratoma in an 8 year old girl is rare! And a huge one~ At that time I really wanted to have my own photos. For the previous rare cases which I had the chance to witness, I used Hana's handphone camera to capture all the photos, or sometimes (for example in the siamese twin delivery) I used the nurses' haha. Menumpang orang je tau~ The thing is my handphone is not equipped with a camera haha how uncivilized :p Ummi's handphone pun ade camera. Then I was desperate as the surgeon was about to cut the patient and plucked off the ovary, but I still didn't have any picture of the cute girl. Huu sedih sedih, truthfully at that time I was determined to buy a camera on the very same day.  And to be truthful, I didn't manage to capture any personal picture until the operation has ended. Sedih sangat la konon2nya.. Suddenly I was reminded of Asma' who suggested that I buy a camera..

After a while I joined the operation in the next operation theatre (OT). Placenta praevia with suspected placenta accreta. Placenta accreta is a very much rarer event (which was emphasized by Dr Anita in a surprised tone when I innocently asked her in not a very interested voice haha, "Is it rare?"). And the OT was packed with paeds doctors, O&G doctors, nurses, very much similar to the delivery of simaese twin. Surgery was conducted by Dr Hakim (my mentor hehe). I was excited to look at the placenta becuase I thought they were going to take out the uterus as well and I would be able to appreciate the adhesion of the placenta to the uterine wall, take some pics etc. Again I felt upset when I realized that I had no camera (by the way Hana for some reason didn't join the operations today so i couldn't use her handphone camera)

Until Zohor I kept thinking of buying a camera and Asma's suggestion. Then I took a nap. I pondered upon the matter for such a long time and in such an unimaginable depth.. until afterwards I felt so upset with myself huuu

I think I am most ungrateful with whatever that I have. When I was about to enter clinical years, I asked abah for a car. He bought Shika Jr and lends it to me. It makes my life much easier but then there are so many people without a car. Ada yg anak dah 3 orang pun tak mampu beli kereta, then I realized how arrogant I am...

I still have lavender-kun and I am thinking of buying a new laptop huhuhuu (for some reason which i thought I could justify huu) , luckily my fiance was fiercely against it.


And now I feel sad JUST because I don't have a camera when everbody else's handphones are equipped with 1~ my dear batul, do you realize that you are being so UNREASONABLE??

So I push away the thought of buying a camera huu, I guess a handphone is enough. And He gives me a good brain which can store the images of the rare cases which I have encountered insyaAllah. THANK YOU ALLAH!

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zAituL aZrA said...

beshnye dpt observe rare cases..
nnt jetul nk ikut mryam gk la..
bleh join samer2..