I have like 14 minutes to complete this. Haha for sure I can write a novel in the 1-hour SPM English Essay Paper, provided that rumblings are allowed. 14 minutes before what? Before I have to make a journey in the most reluctant manner to Hana's room downstair and start again on Ovarian cancer ~sigh~ I've been wasting my time the whole morning doing Allah-knows-what-because-I-myself-am-not-sure, by all means I have to compensate. 

Okay another 11 minutes, trying very hard to archive my life lately into something which i call a 'blog' and which i hope i can pass on to my children or probably i will read them later myself, and surprise myself with my own history (huhuuu). I am still surprised because the 'be-happy' regime still hasn't expired (what???) ALHAMDULILLAH. Though I am quite worried and anxious with the spookiness of our home (huh??)

When I become a surgeon (eh?) one day or an O&G, i really should remember the date 15th May 2009 when I for the first time repaired an episiotomy wound, which marked my first time stitching a real tissue! Huu how soo lame it sounds~ Hehe this is the memoir of a 3rd year medical student after all!

My Labour Room posting starts tomorrow insyaAllah, how I hope I would be able to complete my logbook for the Labour Conduction section. INSYAALLAH. And here I am thinking whether I should go back this coming weekend but in view of my alarming financial status (huuuuuu), I really should try to cut up on transportation expenditure..  perhaps and perhaps..  The hard fact of being a student= mujahid fi sabilillah..

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