Today's lesson

At 4.35pm

While writing this, I’m still in Shika Jr (Naza Suria that abah lends me) at Putra Gombak., waiting for a friend to arrive
While writing this I’m in desperate need of a toilet because just before I started my journey back to Kuantan, Ummi made corn shake which I drank almost 1 big mug 
While writing this I exchange smses with Ummi telling her how depressed I feel waiting here
While writing this I feel like crying because this is not the first time I experience such thing- tunggu orang for almost 1 hour
But Ummi told me to be patient because everything happens with hikmah
When Ummi said that I feel like crying even more because I regret the nasty feeling that I had earlier.. why can’t I be as patient as ummi, as husnuddzan as her? Huu my dear, ISTAGHFIRILLAH!!!!!! 

Now at 5.30pm..

While writing this, I’m at Petronas R&R Genting Sempah. Kenapelah asyik buka laptop je through out this journey? Huu. 
While writing this, I’m waiting for abah to arrive huu kesiannya abah kena datang sini, I think I burden him the most huu. Huu my dear, bila la nak jadi independent?? 
While driving, I thought I smelled something burning.. from the engine. Hai Shika Jr, you are not yet 1 year old! 
While writing this, I’m sitting in the driver’s seat facing the opened engine compartment. Oh my, I have never opened the engine compartment before!! Terkial-kial cari where is the lever to pull it up huhu. And luckily my friend knows how to check the engine coolant haha. If I were alone, I think the only think I’d be capable of doing is dial abah’s no and report huu. I’m so useless when it comes to engines & gadgets –sigh-

While writing this I am aware people walking pass Shika Jr are staring at us, wondering why are we parked at Petronas Genting Sempah, enjoying food and beverages (while typing using Lavender-kun) in a car with exposed engine haha. 

Now at 10.30pm..

I am already in Kuantan. Finally started the journey from Genting Sempah at approx 7pm and arrived at 9.30pm, Ended up driving Bestari instead of Shika huu. I'm tired but I have all the reasons in this world to become a good Doctor!! Huu, will try to work hard :) But beauty sleep comes first, and a nice long 2 months of O&G posting for me :D

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