Of Chocolates!

Today I feel so happy because I managed to make chocolates this morning :p it washes away a small part of the sadness which I was enveloped in (simply because i really hate going back to Kuantan huuu, who doesn't??)
I learnt chocolate-making technique almost 1 year ago, where I learnt bread-making, and I have never tried making it at home, so yeah today was my first!
Chocolate making isn't that easy. Anybody can make chocolates, but to make a tasty chocolate, which is glossy, doesn't have air bubbles, doesn't melt at room temperature, which snaps bla bla bla.. isn't a piece of cake. It's a chocolate! And truthfully I am far from satisfied from this morning's experiment product (T_T) but never mind, I can try again and again and again until I find the perfect technique & recipe (then of course I am going to make Ferrero Rocher's maker cries in disbelief and amazement haha)
And I'm already thinking of making a business out of it huu. When I indulged in bakery, I dreamt of starting some sort of a delicatessen 1 day, then I dreamt of opening a cake house, and now I am dreaming of owning a candy cottage where I can sell all sorts of home-made candies! The one and only thing which i am still not keen in having is....... (which i think ummi is regretting huu) my own clinic!!
Anyway, gotta work hard on the chocolate experiment (huh?? shouldn't i be working hard on O&G subjects???) as I am seriously thinking of starting this chocolate business huu. And no worry, I've got Yasir's tummy to drain all the chocolate experiment products!!!


zAituL aZrA said...

mau coklatttt!!!!!!!!!!

Robin said...

wa..dah buat chocs??!!!

kenapa takde yg sampai kat A4.4 lagi ni?..sob sob sob