hoho, this is going to be a short entry to clarify things which i have written previously- BTL (ikat saluran peranakan). Undoubtedly, my response to a response from a friend who understood the whole story with a deviatory orientation (hehe, sorry ah-long dude).

Currently doing O&G (Sakit Puan & Perbidanan), we medical students are required to conduct delivery (jadi bidan sambut orang beranak :> ) for 10 births each. Everytime each student succeeded in conducting a delivery, they may ask the nurse to sign his/her logbook as a proof. It is the continuous assesment system. To put it in a simple way, if one is very hardworking in completing the logbook, then they would have higher chance to pass the posting, InsyaAllah :)

So instead of saying "I have conducted 3 deliveries", we students prefer to say, "I already have 3 kids". And instead of saying "I want to stop conducting deliveries because I have finished conducting 10 deliveries", we students prefer to say "I want to do BTL. Nak ikat je, tak nak beranak lagi" huu. But in 5th year, we have to conduct deliveries again, so that explains why we want to do BTL (if there is any chance in unligating the tube and conduct again in 5th year?? that explains why hysterectomy (buang rahim) is soo contraindicated in our case haha) So my previous article on BTL wasn't referring to BTL on myself but rather on my delivery conduction activity huuuuuu

Macamana org bleh ingat I wrote on the real BTL for myself? I do wonder... (it's kinda funny, and I laughed excessively when ah-long dude asked me about it) Huuu. Let me clarify, I am single (engaged of course), I am not married yet, I haven't planned anything on this married-life-discussion-regarding-kids, and yet planning on having BTL?? Huuuuuuuuuuu..............

By the way, 1 more kid and I'll be taking OCP until i meet O&G again in 5th year :p


ad. Lucidus said...

..Oops? Hehe...
I guess people weren't joking when thay said that I speak a different language from the mass, ha!

zAituL aZrA said...

laa mryam..
mati2 jetul ingat mryam nk wat BTL hr tu..haha
ingatkan nk unligate blk ble 5th yr cz kte da hbs pro..
ape la jetul nih..hihihiii

admin said...

baru maryam cakap 'BTL'..x cakap hysterectomy lagi tuh..haha

Ummu Ameer said...

hihihii kpd jetul dan ad.lucidus, silalah jangan fikir bukan2 k :p. rasanya mane ade procedure 'unligation of BTL' huuu. kalau ye pun ter'unligated', and pregnancy occurs, rasa mcm ectopic would be most likely.. anyway, i'll try to write on Islamic's perception towards contraception. Ha BTL ni boleh ke if there is no absolute medical indication?? Completed family is not an indication kan?? :)