How our path intersected!

I'm now about to finish the 4th week of O&G posting.. haisy sedar tak sedar I'm reaching closer to the finsihing line of 3rd year.. and the starting point of my life with A'thiq :)

Believe me, to be engaged for 2 years (without adding the period since the first time we have decided to spend the rest of our life together) and in the same time trying our best to be strict on muamalah is closer than next to impossible.. for me at least huu.

So what do I do when he refuses (by all means!!) to go out of my mind?? I write and write and write and write whatever that can make me feel relieved! And I am writing this obviously for the same reason.. because I haven't heard from him for quite a long time. The closer the wedding approaches, the harder it is to get everythong under control, so to those who are planning to get married, just be prepared for the worst that is yet to come haha.

I haven't updated on our wedding preparation for quite a long time. Was not in the mood but now I am :D But it will be in the next post because currently I want to tell you how our (me and athiq's) life path intersected!

I kept asking him, when did he first know me. He kept refusing to answer because he said, he would someday reveal it to me... after our marriage huu. But 1 day he did tell me, after (i think) he felt tired when i asked him the same question again and again hehe.

Ni athiq's part of the story:

Kenal nama tyme 1st sem, 1st year. ada tmpal kt sains building. Dkat dgn lif tu. Tyme tu tngok nama2 medic DQ. Skali tbaca ur name skali. Tyme tu ana dgn Erfun kot klau xsalah.. Then diorg tnya, sdara nta ke Athiq? Ana jawab 'a'aaah' smbil tsenyum. Diorg kata sdara sbb ada 'al' kt both of our name.
Kenal Maryam in person tyme Maryam Mengajar ana. sem last. Seriously, ana mula betul2 'jatuh hati' tyme Maryam ajar bab microb baik n microb jahat tyme tu. Bab 1 bio 3.
Sedar xsedar, dh jd tunang ana. Xlama lg bkal jd Permaisuri n teman hidup ana.. Jazakillah Maryam!!

Ni pula my part of the story:

Maryam 1st time tahu nama waktu kat program kat rumah seorang doktor. Apa yg mrym fikir waktu tu, "Eh macam nama kak athiqah la!" (k. athiqah DQ). Tgk nama ada 'al' pastu trasa mcm nama lebih kurang hehe. Tp waktu tu, nama hazim (a friend of ours) pun ada 'al' jugak.. so taklah pelik sangat. Tp tak kenal muka lagi waktu tu. Pastu rasanya waktu short sem, kami pernah conduct program untuk junior kot, tak pasti kat mana, dah lama sangat huu. Tp waktu tu ada la cam minat sket2 hehe. Pastu ckp kat asma' (my sister) because asma' join program tu waktu tu
Asma sibuk2 nak tgk nta yg mana satu, tp mrym sgt3 segan nak tunjuk. Mrym tak tahu what else should I do, maka berdoalah hehe. Seminggu lepas tu, athiq terus sms ALHAMDULILLAH. 
Kiranya waktu tu dah ready nak terima tp still istikharah lg takut terlalu ikut nafsu huuu
Sgt3 terkejut waktu athiq sms tu.. tak sangka begitu cepat Allah menjawab hambaNya......
Waktu britahu Asma' n kakak pun diorng terkejut sebab diorng dah tahu psl a'thiq sblum tu lg hehe

When he listened to my part of the story, he said

JAZAKILLAH MARYAM!! InsyaAllah ana TAK AKAN Sia2kan pilihan dan Keputusan Maryam. Ana Janji.

Jazakallah akhi!

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