People keep asking me about hantaran. Initially i was neither keen nor interested in making hantaran, because i like things which are not suitable for hantaran. for example i don't like black formal shoes, but i thought it would look weird if i buy soe funky girly sandals for hantaran. that kind of thing.. but in the end we agreed on hantaran because we were afraid our families would feel kinda.... shocked should we cut on too many traditional things haha.

the thing is i went shopping alone for my things (because i am such a cerewet person thus i wanted to buy my own things) and i bought athiq's gifts as well. pheww up to a point that i felt so tired and was thinking of crying and leaving all the gifts in the shopping complex huuu.

But all in all, for athiq, i bought:

1. 3 shirts

2. 2 trousers

3. 2 neckties

4. 2 whitecoats

5. 1 pair of baju melayu

6. stethoscope (abah yang beli)

7. ophthalmoscope & otoscope (abah beli jugak hehe)

8. prayer mat

9. homemade chocolates! hehe

as for my things and all the pics, i'll tell later k :)

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