Of carelessness, I only deserve a Pasar Malam's!!!

Today I am kind of depressed a bit~ because I lost my matric card (few days ago) and just about to slowly sip in the bitter truth after extensive search at all possible places i could think of.. It merely means I have to rake out RM50 from my already skinny purse, just to get a new one. And I don't plan to order the official name tag just yet huu (the one that Dr and medical students use). I'm broke~

And as I had anticipated, Ummi was kinda upset with this huu~ she has not yet been desensitized towards this kind of thing though she had experienced similar episodes for uncountable times!! let us see how i kept forgotting where did i put my purse when i was at home, and created a havoc each time i wanted to go out (my driving license!!)

Again for uncountable times, I accidentally left my handphone or handphone chargers or other things at home everytime I come back to the campus after a weekend at home or after a long holiday; which created the habit in Ummi to say out loud the checklist of things which i shouldn't leave behind huu

When I had just started my 1st year in Kuantan, I lost my room key. However I managed to persuade my roommates to leave the door unlocked even during long holidays! Only recently I bought a new key which costed me precious RM50! huu

And (no wonder) Ummi couldn't believe it when i told her i bought a pair of new watches yesterday huu. She asked me where were all the watches that abah had bought earlier?? Oopsss.. that question left me wondering either ~sigh~ Let me go through the history- my first Swatch which was so sweet, (with a train continuously moving around the clock face, and blue straps). Abah bought it in Switzerland. It just disappeared.... Next was the silver Dalvina which he bought in Singapore.. It too just disappeared.... Next was dark blue Dunlop which he bought in Mecca-  one could also guess its fate.... Then he bought me another Swatch- this time it is pink. I love it soo much that I couldn't bear the idea of losing it which made me feel reluctant to wear it... and Yup!!! I have never worn it until now. Still in its case, stowed in an antique brown bag, put on top of my cupboard and the bag was left to collect dust! Haha. It has been so long that the battery has expired! Once in a while I check on the watch, appreciating while wearing that forlorn look for not able to wear it -haissyyy- In between I had numerous Pasar Malam watches.. but not much different than the others, they just disappeared. I think watches and me lack the chemistry to stay together!

Last week when I had to count a patient's pulse in front of Dr Suhaiza during our class, in the few extremely embarassing moments when I had to beg for my group mate's sympathy to time while I counted the pulse (and I ended up counting wrongly), I was very determined to buy a watch. Plus Dr Suhaiza's emphasis that a doctor should have a watch with jarum saat!! 

And after discussing for many days with a friend (who has the same habit of losing watches haha) that we should buy a new watch.. I ended paying a generous amount for a pair of watches! Only to get a nice piece of 'advice' from Ummi haha. 

I really deserve a Pasar Malam watch!!!!!!!!!! That explains why I like cheap things, as I won't experience the guilt of losing them :p


As said...

as senyum jelah
ganas jugak tahap careless ni
no worries ramai je orang careless yang comel cam akak neh :D

take care

Ummu Ameer said...

huuu as cepat cipta ubat untuk akak!! ten-si-yon la asyik hilang balang, misplace dan seangkatan dengannya..... ~sigh~