when can i undergo BTL??

I manage to slip into the library computer lab and post something here. anither 16 minutes before our seminar starts. Staying in the hospital since last night, with my on-call this evening until tonight, there's nothing more wonderful than collapsing in the serenity of my stuffy bedroom. But finally I have made up my mind to go home this weekend :)

Last night stay was unyielding other than few mililitres of lactic acid residing in between my muscle fibres

-Ok that was written yesterday-

a new chapter today ---->

i just can't wait to undergo a BTL (bilateral tubal ligation) after i have completed my family of 10 kids huuu. but still a long way to go before i can put an end to the delivery-searching activity (a replacement of branula-searching craziness). next in the list is case presentation craving!

Yesterday was TWIN DAY :) 3 twin deliveries: 2 normal deliveries plus 1 caesarean section. 2 pairs of girl and a pair of boys huu~ sgt sweet & cute!! To have a look-alike twin is very nice isn't it? Then they would have the chance to confuse people!! I think for the past 2 months (since the first time we read the chapter on Multiple Pregnancy (twin) ), one of the hottest topic among us (girls) is about twin, specifically "How can we get a twin?" Once we even tried searching the internet for tips to get a twin huhu (so pathetic. poor us)

i found a website which lists down the tips of getting a twin. so here goes..

1. Have a family history of twin especially on the maternal site (i fail on this one, and extremely jealous of a close friend who has strong family history of twin huu!)
2. Women with many children will have higher chance of having twin (the prospect isn't very bright either for me.. but maybe it's bright for another close friend who aims to have 12 kids!!)
3. Artificial conception (looks like i have to opt for in-vitro fertilization haha!)
4. bla bla
5. bla bla
and finally... we found something that we could at least try:::::---->
19. Eat YAM

Yikes. I can just imagine my diet in the future- YAM & SOYA BEAN MILK everyday! Absurd~ Well that was just for fun aong us. seriously getting a twin isn't easy especially in the milk, diapers and soprano department, with possible sleep deprivation for the mum. And last evening when i was waiting for a patient to deliver, a nursing student, the patient and me had a chit chat.

well one of the topic was undoubtedly TWIN. nursing student tu kata "Akak kahwin dengan kembar (her husband has a twin), adik akak sendiri kembar, tp anak tak kembar pun"
I said, "Anak akak baru lima. Akak tuggulah yang kesembilan dan kesepuluh insyaAllah kembar!" Haha we laughed over the subject.

But it's a hard life for her. She is a nurse, currently specializing in midwifery. She has 5 kids at home, the youngest is 1 year old. It was quite late- around 9pm when we were waiting for the [atient to deliver. Kakak tu has been in the labour room since 9am in the morning but not even a single delivery was conducted by her- takde rezqi. She almost cried when she was about to go home, telling me "Akak tinggalkan patient ni dengan adik la ye (me), akak nak kena balik dah ni, sedih tak dpt sambut, tp kesian kata anak2 menuunggu kat rumah..." Seriously it was a touching moment, when i actually SHOULD feel happy to have the patient all for myself.. She is so unlike me who can just grab the car key, drive to the hospital in the middle of the night, stay for almost 48 hours in the hospital and never go back, and when i arrive in the hostel after 2 days in the hopsital, i don't have to worry about anything other than reimbursing my sleep. How very easy life is for me... I don't even have to bother to feed anybody..

But the hard truth hits me, it is going to be worse when we woman become doctors! Rumah yang huru hara ke? never mind i have ample time to think about it :p


zAituL aZrA said...

nape nk undergo BTL ni?
xnk try cr laen dlu ke?
byk lg options..concentrate x time seminar jetul smlm? hehehe

RuQaiYaH OtHMaN said...

dlm "batch" atuk2, atuk sy dapat tuah sebab ada kembar..
dlm "batch" pakcik2 pun, my pak usu had a twin daughter..
dan dlm "batch" cucu, kitorang tengah berebut sape yg dapat anak kembar plak..huhu
but absolutely not by eating yam n drinking soya..errr..

Abu Ameer (^_^)Y said...

Nak kembar camni x!?? hahaha
Click link kat bawah ni...)

-BTL mode- =P

Ummu Ameer said...

to jetul: kalau buat BTL waktu 3rd year, boleh buka balik tak ligation tu waktu 5th year? sebab 5th year nanti nak 5 baby plak hehe.

to ruqaiyah: aiseh xleh jadi super strong family history nih!! haha any better idea on how to get a pair of twins?

to abu ameer: nampaknya tukar plan la for elective posying 4th year nanti! terpaksa g kampung tu and buat research on why they get so many twins!