Me in 60 years time

I don't know what is wrong with me because I keep bringing home weird stories huu. I am sure everybody (medical students) in their daily hospital life come across experiences which are more or less the same or very much similar to mine~ except that maybe I am more sensitive to the surrounding, and pay more attention to unimportant details which paint the canvas of my life with wonderful and uncountable hues :) And 1 more thing, I have imagination that runs wild, when I can even encourage myself to go the sleek IIUM library because I imagine myself alone in Hogwarts' old and mysterious library, and I loved attending classes in Matric (except for SAMWP) simply because I loved the steps near to UKC and the Stad building~ it reminded me of the steps in Gryffindor tower. And I loved classes in AX (annexe) because the word itself is so mysterious, it reminded me of a story- Diary of Anna something during world war or something like that.

Durham Cathedral cloisters used to film the Harry Potter movies (Hogwart). The Cathdral dates back to 1096 and St Cuthbert's tomb within the Cathedral was a place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. This is IIUM in my world

So back to reality, I actually want to write on today's story hehe.

My branula-searching activity is still very rampant these days (haha) So last nite after getting  long "advices" from the chinese houseman Dr (sorry I don't know his name huu) which goes around:

"You start with the vein at the dorsum of the hand k. Don't start higher. If the vein at the dorsum has bumped (leaking and can't b used anymore) you can still use the higher vein. But if you start higher, then once it is bumped, all the lower veins can't be used"

Me: okay

"You don't be tamak k, just use the pink branula" (Tamak means you want to use a big branula so that  it would be easier for fluid or drug admin. Pink is the smallest branula as far as I know)

Me: Okay, I always use pink (Smiling. For the sole reason that I am not competent and skillful enough to use other than pink branula haha)

"You don't forget to flush the hep saline k"

Me: okay

"You don't be kedekut with the blood k. When you take blood, ambil banyak so that you don't have to puncture the patient banyak kali"

Me: "Eh Dr, I just want to insert the branula. I don't want to take any blood" (berkata sambil dalam hati ada kemalasan yang melampau untuk mengambil darah)

"So you just want to top-up the trolley??" (he asked in surprise because I was holding a bunch of syringes which I had grabbed from the procedure room earlier)

Me: This is for flushing the hep saline (sengih and straightaway ran away to save myself from being bullied that night hehe)

Pushing my much-prized NOISY and EMBARASSING blood-taking trolley, I went to the first bed. I met an ex-ophthalmologist of HTAA :)  in the ward as a patient of course. I didn't know the fact earlier and I just wanted to insert a branula into her vein, but the first thing that made me feel surprised was when she asked me to use the butterfly branula (which is usually used on patients with collapsed veins such as in renal failure) because she told me her veins had calcified (hardened and narrow with calcium deposit). Of course I said I would try using the pink first (because I don't know how to use the butterfly branula) She's an Indian and spoke to me in English and she talked on few other things which made me wonder her previous job. That was when I asked her. Almost reaching the ripe age of 80, she was very frail, and weak, and couldn't even sit up on her own. It seems like everything has kind of reached the expiry date, save 1- the brain. She was very wise, and she still remember the name of drugs!

A nurse handed her a tablet drug, and she told me, "I think this is Adalat. We called it Adalat, but I think they have a new name for it now" I replied, "It is still called Adalat" :) Then we talked on medical schools, and many other issues, all the while me visioning myself in 60 years time- I'm not going to be much different from her :)

But hopefully I would be much closer to God by that time, insyaAllah. A non Muslim always hope with time and with increasing age, so would their wisdom develop. But for the muslim, there shoud be few extra things!- With increasing age,  hopefully our amal, iman and taqwa would also increase! INSYALLAH


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