Ini cerita malam tadi

Last night I went to Medical ward (8b and 8c) to look for branula (the needle poked into a patient for drug or fluid adminstration) as I was determined to at least fill something in my logbook (we could ask for the Dr's signature when we do procedures like inserting a branula or taking blood).

To my surprise, my first patient was an englishman probably in his 50s or 60s. He had stroke with left sided paralysis. I gulped when I realized I had to insert a branula in him, simply because he was surrounded by so many family members!!! And I just knew how the westerners are like....

I didn't ask about his background. But when i talked to a woman (I assumed she was the wife), the woman asked me to talk to the patient himself. You know they expect the Doctor-Patient relationship to flourish haha. And of course they didn't know that I was just a medical student!

Then when I had all the things ready, I asked for the patient's permission and started to work on the branula. I was so unlucky when the family members crowded around me, getting closer and closer, trying to get a good view of what I was about to do. 

And you know how westerners are like, they are CURIOUS unlike us. They are thirsty for INFORMATION, again unlike us. Inserting a branula is like bread and butter of ward work, but the family memebrs turned it into an amazing experience for them~ merely by watching a medical student inserting a branula!! hahahahaha

Ok, here's the story---->

I pushed the blood-taking trolley to the patient's bedside. They watched the trolley in a very interested manner

I put the necessary things into the kidney dish, and they looked eager to know the list of things..

I wore the disposable gloves, and they kind of 'usha' my hands haha- pakai glove pun best ke. I thought they were trying to see how sterile would I go. So aku yg jahat ni put on the gloves slowly, giving them the curiosity of watching me at work haha.

Then I searched for a chair pulak, and sat on it, and took the patient's hand trying to search for a big vein (well I can only insert a branula in a BIG vein, otherwise it won't go in. I am not an expert at it actually :p)

Pastu pukul2 the dorsum of the hand (the medical students would know that this is the trick done by the nurses to make the veins more visible as if they are going to jump out of the skin!)

So when I was about to push in the needle- that was the CLIMAX! They came closer and mimicked the angle of my hand, give running commentary just like the Croc Hunter, telling each other that a doctor need to be very skillful, and the angle of needle insertion has to be precise bla bla bla. It was really funny. 

And then they asked regarding the heparin, its purpose, so I enjoyed the extra minutes explaining to them that it is used to prevent blood clotting haha (a first year medical student pun dah tahu, so i am far from brainy by knowing that hehe, but you know still it was kinda enjoying to do the explanation. Sungguh jahat)

Finally they were curious about the tegaderm- the clear plastic used to secure the branula in place. And I sadly explained the last bit- regretting that the session has ended hehehehe

By the way, what I learnt from that event, it won't hurt me to ask silly questions. It may sound silly to others but if it is going to be beneficial for me then why not?? And I am going to train my kids to be curious and outspoken just like the westerners, so very opposite of me :)


Robin said...

hehe.seronoknya baca! =) niza leh bygkan maryam jd dr yg sgt bagus nnt..!! :)

p/s: pujian berbayar. coklat2 boleh dihantar ke bilik mulai malam ini.haha

Ummu Ameer said...

haha niza jd lebih bagus lg!! alah niza itu pasang branula je, utk medical student mcm niza, takde pape je kan hehe, tp bg org yg xde medicl background, diorng fascinated kot huuuu. tp kita ni Dr mcm kuli je dak? xpe dpt pahala insyaAllah :)

bab byrn tu.. ehem ehemmmmmm :p