Usrah means love. Usrah spells care. Usrah defines sense of belonging.

It has been a while since I last published something in this blog of mine. I feel compelled to jot down something. I was busy attending a programme the last 2 days, but now that the urge to share is too overwhelming, I look irresistibly at Lavender-chan (which happens to be my fair laptop), while the electrical impulses scramble along the neurons in my brain, trying to figure out a justifiable explanation as to why I am (again) glued to the chair. -Sigh-

It is now 21:56pm. Tomorrow should be my 1st day clinical years, but I am sure He has planned something else for me, because InsyaAllah the day after tomorrow would be my 1st day of clinical years. I have to go to KL tomorrow for some reason, although I am very worried that I'll miss out something with regard to clinical stuff. La tahinu wa la tahzanu, innallaha ma'ana!

A friend gave me a tail-less monkey which she had bought in Sabah. It really reminds me of a Nancy Drew mystery which I had read, regarding a monkey with a short tail (Crossword cipher). I really love it, 
because my zoo (collection of animal toys on my notice board) expands and gets merrier!

I do wonder why most people are afraid of the word Usrah. Literally it means family. Practically it means a group of closely-bonded people, sharing knowledge, building relationship & friendship, cherishing memories of the time they had spent together, and caring each other, and most importantly- helping each other to grow and be a better person with each day that greets goodbye.
Usrah means love. Usrah spells care. Usrah defines sense of belonging. 

And actually that was what the programme all about. How to be a good moderator of usrah, how to be a good member of an usrah. How to make the most from usrah, how to enjoy an usrah. It can be as serious (and boring as well) as sitting in a circle, listening to the moderator/ facilitator/ naqib giving 'lectures', or it can be as interesting as baking together (for me) or going camping! It can be as straining as memorizing hadith all the time, and it can be as fun as sharing personal problems and finding 
the solution together.
It can be as routine as opening the usrah with al Fatihah and end it with tasbih kaffarah, but it can also be as exciting as starting it with a short warm up followed by playing game.
It can be carried out as creative as possible, and I am determined to be a member of a very satisfying & enjoying usrah, so that I would eagerly wait for the next usrah meeting, with overwhelming curiosity and enthusiasm!


silvermaddness said...

i agree with ur's opinion defining usrah that way..hehe..simple n understandable..oh PROTES demo smalam? hum..quite bad rite.. =( start ur 1st clinical day ek..hihi..gud luck.. all the best.. =)

ili raihana said...

maryam, boleh copy tak?hehe...
lama btul tak nampak nt...
rindu la..:)

ummu_ameer said...

copy la ili.. =) betul la.. kita tak pernah jumpa lg kan sem ni? rindu juga kt nt..=)