I feel so bored.. browsing through the newspaper just to find out that more than 2 pages were dedicated to Uncle Anwar's (Datuk Seri) story. I don't mean to say that I like or dislike him, it is just that everything is really boring. Somebody must be dying to tag him as "Once a gay, forever a gay" or something that sounds like "Once a sodomizer (does this word ever exist?), forever a sodomizer".

I don't mean to sound rude but oh common.. seems like an ancient tactic is being used again and again and again. My personal opinion ok, just my personal opinion, the resume of Bro Saiful (the one who filed the complain) wasn't convincing enough anyway. What I heard (please note, it may be untrue after all) he was an MPP and had problem with it, he applied for a place in an institute without informing them of his study in the univ, he wasn't doing OK in the academic field (mengumpat ke ni??), and suddenly at the peak of Anwar's career, he brings forth the complain. I don't mind if someone doesn't bloom academically if the person has tried his/her best, but if that person has a bad academic performance + attitude problem, then that's it. Neither sympathy nor empathy from me.

Truth is Bro Saiful deserves to be protected by the law if he is really a victim. I can't judge him because I don't know him personally.

Problem is every single Malysian knows that our legal system is not that justifiable by the way.

Everything is soo perfect and dead boring, to end with. Sometimes you get irritated by merely trying to ingest these endless scandals. And that causes my brain and rationalizing process to malfunction. How lame..

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silvermaddness said...

yea...u r rite with the theory, hihi..if you're free come n join on the 6th july, insyaallah i'll be there too.. =), sama2 kt berjuang menegakkan kebenaran..ameen..