Another day

Typing this over a bowl of cornflakes + raisins + milk.. I guess this will be my official, self certified meal for these few days or probably these few months. 
Amazingly easy and wonderfully fast to be prepared..if only i don't think of the protein that I'm lacking

I'm not exaggerating should I say my 1st clinical day is very much similar to a bowl of Apple with Cinnamon flavoured Toasted Oats in a bowl of ice cold milk..hmm. It is supposed to be exciting, and yet a handful amount of oat should be just enough and nice. Take extra.. and I'll end up having my appetite mercilessly murdered! Class from 8.30-5.oo is just a little too much, considering that we have to listen to introductions. However I enjoyed them, in the midst of excitement and anxiety, while the clouding consciousness & gigantic yawns threatened to sail me into a dreamless slumber.

However i am very much reminded by the excepionally lengthy lectures that my books await me. Gosh.. to be aware of my frail memory that is almost empty of medical facts.. surely i have forgotten a big chunk of 
what i have learnt in preclinical years (blaming the 2 month holiday) Shaker (classmate-cum-book dealer) informed us of the clinical books that we have to buy, i was for the second time threatend, for my ever lazy mind (to absorb new knowledge) and for my timid bank account to make a minute charity.. aha money again. Well I can't linger around here longer.. till the next time

Glad to get paediatric posting with one of my best comrade, mimi though a lil bit disappointed not to be with you, Robin... a posting which the seniors wouldn't hesitate to flash a mega grin each and everytime we informed them.. coz paeds is supposed to be the easises t posting hahaha

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