It feels so good to be 'home'!!

Alhamdulillah I've arrived safely in Kuantan. Eventhough I felt really sad when I kissed Ummi goodbye, it feels so great and so 'home'ly to be greeted by the chart (in the picture) in my room in kuantan! Hahaa it is actually a  group of diagrams showing cross sections of the brainstem at various level! It suprised me when I realized that I had actually totally forgotten the chart. Made it (mind you, I drew them by myself! and coloured them using crayons) during the revision week before Professional Exam, even before Block 4 Final exam. Neurology was taught in Block 4, so i kind of had a time shortage to memorize them before Pro. So in a desperate attempt to cram everything in my brain, i made that! Then I hung it on my curtain, using clothes peg! How very sentimental haha. I just made do with everything that I had

Anyway it really feels great to be back and smell this room, because i don't know from where did this smell come, but it stays here anyway. A specific & unique aroma huh?  Whatever. It delights me to lay my eyes once again on my text books & preclinical year notebooks, on the list of Infectious Agents Causing Pneumonia hung on my notice board, at the Normal Laboratory Values (of FBP, UFEME, BUSE, ABG etc) pasted on my wall ahh everything is soo nice. I don't remember missing all these this much when actually I am!
My gear is now in D (drive) mode, my engine is ready to roar away, slicing through clinical years!


Robin said...

I desperately need the same drive of motivation. Where can u get it?

Ummu Ameer said...

balik sini cepat! balik!! balik!!!

silvermaddness said...

huhu.banyak n comel2 carta minda tu.. nk sikit boleh? hihi..=D