A template lady

It's time for a cup of FRESH cappuccino. Sip it slowly and relax, what an ideal activity for the weekend. Ahh that is what I am having this weekend =P. What a rare occassion. Of course there's a price which most probably almost of us
have to pay for such an expensive and exclusive holiday- a temperature that hikes above 36.9 degree
celcius, or a head which bangs and threaten to burst,
or a tummy that doesn't seems to feel so well and there- you get your cosy bed! lOf course that is a leisure if only you compare spending a weekend vomiting and retching all day or vertigo (my opinion of among the worst symptoms one can have). Ala kulli hal alhamdulillah for this health, for another day of oxygen-breathing, for another day of enjoying the beauty of everything that surrounds us.. Alhamdulillah.

If you are a nerd, then you will always be a nerd. If you are a jerk, then you will always be a jerk. Unless you try so hard to change, as stated in the Quran. I was a table & template-brained adolescent lady, I am a table & template-brained young lady and insyaAllah I will be a table & template-brained old lady. Haha. I like templates very much. All my notes have to fit in a template which I have earlier created.
And of course the template is always in a table form. I do that when I learn science & medicine, and I do the same thing when I learn anything!

And to realize that I spent the whole last night and today creating a template for my paediatric posting! Gosh really I can't change, can I?
I actually created a template which I can fill in during history taking, during conducting general observation of patient & physical examination & even during reading lab reports! I think I'll be like a robot when I interview patients, asking each and every one of them using the same template. But that won't b a prob cause I am going to meet different patients and they won't even realize this =P I realize that I like something to be very definitive, to be concrete, to be a steretotype. Probably I feel confident if some information, ideas or methods are safely and systematically stored in my brain and tightly gripped & grabbed in my hand. Do I like something to be randomly at the tip of my finger? Nay, it will fall easily.

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