Everything has been perfectly planned!

I planned to return to the campus on Tuesday, 1st of July. Suddenly someone informed me that the programme that i intended to attend has been postponed to 2nd July. So I altered my plan which is to return to the campus on 2nd July instead. 
I started the journey quite early in the morning, around 8.30a.m 
WhenI was about to exit the Gombak Toll, i was nearly summoned by the police. Expired roadtax. 
I don't even know how to open the engine cover of the car that I was driving, let alone to know
matters regarding roadtax. 
Not to mention that it was clearly stated on the road tax sticker that it was valid till 21st of May 2008! 21st May!! Oh man that was nearly 2 months ago! Terkebil2 jugak & i actually stammered when i said i was not aware of that. So i smsed Ummi, and later abah called me, he talked to the police. ALHAMDULILLAH luckily Mr Police was lenient enough to let me go without issuing any summon! That was after delivering quite a lengthy lecture, telling me that I have no right to use the road because i don't pay the tax. He said that I actually have to bring my car to JPJ, 
park there overnight etc. Mungkin sebab I continued praying to Allah dlm keadaan yg 
sangat takut and penuh berharap to make everything easy for me. And sebab polis tu kesian sgt tgk i 
appeared like a helpless girl, mmg kesian sgt lah huhuuu.. And that time i was wondering 
whether he would suggest me to do bribery, but nay everything was clean and once again i 
felt very grateful that honest policemen still exist! May Allah bless him and his family 
fiddunya wal akhirah for helping a fragile soul like me =P
Off i went back home, and bought a bus ticket to Kuantan for tomorrow morning =) InsyaAllah Kuantan here I come.
However I just read about a campaign called PROTES which is not very far from my house on 6th July.. now I feel uncertain..seems like i am not keen on going back to the Campus, so that I can join the campaign. 
I have never ever joint a single campaign before!


silvermaddness said...

urm..alhamdulillah tak kena saman.. rajin2 beringat la pasni..hihi.. by the way..nice blog u hv, love to see all the background..make me hungry.. kui2kui2..
salam ukhwah

Ummu Ameer said...

salam ukhwah =)