so what?

It's 11:23. I have just met my adik2 halaqah and you can imagine them telling me about their stress which has grown as big as anything pheww. 1st year medic students.. anatomy byk giler. biochem macam ntahape2 etc. they were so unlike me when i was in 1st year. kenape eh? because i cared about going home more than anything. i think up to a point i didn't even bother about my academic huu. i was just very different from them.. homesickness, such big deal huhuu

to lay my eyes on those eager faces..did it give me a sense of caring and guiding? to guide them with love.. to show them a path that is less taken.. to give them everything i am capable of giving. i don't know.. 
they are my mad'u and i am trusted with them. can I really do this? i can't even solve my own probs. so what? i should just give my best shot and leave the rest to Allah!............

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