Perasaan macam sponge bob yang diperah

Day by day, i do feel like sponge bob whenever he is squeezed and drained of water.. day by day, i am running out of energy! I can't deny that I still haven't adapted to the clinical days. In addition to that, I get easily infected with whatever infectious diseases in the hospital especially respiratory infection. Obviously my immune 
system is still not in the combat mood.. It becomes harder to attend usrah or katibah or even beneficial programmes on weekend. Lethargy, malaise and sleepiness have all become a part of me huu. 
Everytime I come back from the hospital I only think of sleep, sleep and sleep. To open the lids of my eyes have become a very challenging task.

And yet I realize that I can't continue to behave this way. This is just the beginning; by hook or by crook I have to be strong. Ya Allah grant me strength and strong will.. 

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