5 things that I learnt yesterday

1. An orang asli can have a pain threshold that is soo high, that even an orang asli patient having end stage liver disease/ failure  doesn't complain of any pain! An orang asli woman bled for 3 times during her pregnancy and she stil assumed that was not serious!

2. Doctors should never trust other docters' or nurses' diagnoses. I blindly believed a diagnosis which had been told to me by a nurse, and turned out I got the wrong diagnosis, and I was laughed at by my lecturer. It was so embarassing- ditipu hidup-hidup!!

3. Read books! I clerked a case of pneumonia, and I didn't thoroughly read on that topic before the case presentation session and... you know what. I felt blank and blur huu..

4. Get a History of Presenting Illness (description of illness by the patient) which is sooo good so that I won't have to depend on other history or lab result in order 
to diagnose a disease! I failed this part yesterday ='(

5. One of the most important thing as a medical student is to PROGRESS. How much I know today
is not very important. But how much I progress throughout medical school matters most!

Be a kind human. Be a humble person. Be a good muslim/ah. Those define 'Doctor'!!

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