I just don't know..I just don't know..

Ikhlas. IkHLaS. IKHLAS. How sincere and how true can our intention be? How pure our heart can be? Sejauh mana keikhlasan yang mampu kita kecapi??

When I think of this, i feel afraid. Really afraid. I can't imagine what if on my meeting day with HIM (ALLAH), I bring along the amal that I have done in this world, only to have the amal thrown back at me in a disgusted manner.. because everything was not done with sincerity. Na'udzubillahi min dzaalik..!! Subhanallah wa astaghfirullah really I don't know, 
do I do thing without the beautiful and wondeful value of ikhlas??....

Riya'. Show off. Do I do things with riya'?? I just don't know.. Do I do thing with the intention of showing off to people? Na'udzubillahi min dzaalik..!!!! I just don't know.. I just don't know and I feel afraid. Really afraid.. I just don't know.........

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