Another break??!!

So this is my another internet-round. Hey at least I have completed my notes on pneumonia & pertussis..ALHAMDULILLAH. Through my rebellious musculoskeletal system which made a hill out of a mole, i did manage after all! Now is 16:49, at this point of time I am wondering what would be the best preparation for tomorrow?
I am nervous? Certainly, a little bit. I can't even properly do a physical examination on adults, what more on infants or children. I am imagining the worst.. what if the moment I i intend to approach a a baby, the baby screams at the top of his/her lung. Oh no that is a nightmare. Or what if a kid won't let me touch her at all? Define 'doctor'. Someone who are eager to help. Define 'medical student'. A student who is learning to be a doctor. However I do think in the anxiety of clerking a patient (or merely walking awkwardly in the ward 
donning the embarasssing white coat while my hands juggle with the spectrum of things along- stethoscope,
note book, text book, purse etc), a fresh clinical year medical student doesn't even have the eagerness to help the patient, but rather I just want to get over everyhting quickly and heave a deep sigh of relief.. 

Practice practice and practice. That is the trust that have been bestowed on me.. Remember remember and do remember.. that I am trying to be someone who is eager to help others! InsyaAllah

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