An old man who tries to run

Imagine a 90-year old man who tries to do a 100m-sprint. (well sorry for the gender bias, but it is usually the andro species who try to defy their age by doing such things..while the gynae apply a thick slab of foundation on their skin to cover wrinkles). After a period of almost 6o years of retirement from such healthy physical activty, of course the decision to repeat doing it all over again isn't very healthy, at least psychologically. If only a radiologist come with an x-ray machine, they won't be able to tell the knee or hip joints and a rusted door hinge apart, once they try to compare them! It's a tolerable idea to use the joints if it creaks.. because then you know that there is a tinge of hope left, which would probably burns brighter should a :WD-40" comes to the rescue.

Of course if the 90 year old man tries to complete a 100m-sprint, he won't just huff and puff but more than just occasionally, he has to stop not for a while. To allow his accessory respiratory muscles lend some help to the intercostal muscles and diaphragm, or spare some time for his retiring ATP factory to start producing a burst of energy again and export it to where it should be exported. His muscles which have hardened and become inelastic groan and moan to the ever changing activity of flexion and extension during the course of sprint..
While his vertebra has probably ankylosed, so would his heart screaming mercifully in a meek attempt to compensate for the cardiovascular need and tissue perfusion

You can just imagine, how hard I am trying to listen to creaks and groans of the cells in my brain.. just to make me feel at ease that at least something is going on in my brain! An intoxicating 2-months of holiday, away from book and of course a generous excuse from making my template & table notes... I do feel like a 90 year old man who tries to do a 100m-sprint! Ample and extremely frequent intervention have to be done throughout the note-making process, in terms of browsing the internet, do an online shopping, book an online ticket, check the yahoo mail and friendster, scanning the Medic student forum site, ym with anybody who is online and available, sms people, eat something till at last I myself am confused.. what was that i intended to do just now.??. oh i actually wanted to complete the note! It is harder than what I thought. Sure it is harder.. but I need the WD-40. Make the blog-rambling my last unhealthy activity, before I start working back on the note...-sigh-

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